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Art Worksheets

Here are the worksheets for pictures our members have been painting in recent weeks.

Click on any picture to download the worksheet in Portable Document Format – you will probably already have a suitable program installed on your computer to view or print these .pdf files. If not, free software can be installed from Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader .


Hellebores 2012

Dragonflies 2012

Dragonflies 2012

Worksheet - Blythe Spirit by Sheila Roberts

Blythe Spirit

Sheila Roberts - Fritillary


Sheila Roberts - Dancer

Spring Dance

WSP-Val - French Cockerel

Val’s French Cockerel

Sweet Peas

Nat Portrait Gallery View

Kingcups and Dandelions

London Eye


Red Squirrel

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

WSP-Val - Chicken

Val’s Chicken

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