The End of an Era

Shades of Brown by Ivy Kirk
Patio Steps by Brian Hood

On 21 December 2012 Bob Frank retired from supervising the Friday afternoon watercolour group, a job he has done admirably for 12 years and which has been greatly appreciated by the many members of the group, past and present.

Bob Frank

Bob Frank

Many of us joined the class as complete beginners and thanks to Bob’s encouragement, our drawing and painting skills improved and we love our Friday afternoons.

Each week Bob produced a painting and a description of how he had achieved the result, many of us endeavoured to reproduce the work, with varying success – certainly no two paintings were ever the same!

Charity Cheques Presentation

Charity Cheques Presentation

Bob and Val McNeill have also organised an open art exhibition at St Andrew’s Church hall in aid of charity for the past five years, which have proved to be very popular and made significant sums for the charities supported.

We are all extremely sorry that Bob is leaving and thank him most sincerely for all the years he has dedicated to us and hope he will occasionally come and see how we progress.

The future of the group has been secured as Val McNeill has very kindly agreed to run the class and we are all extremely grateful to Val for stepping forward. I am sure that the group will continue to thrive for years to come.

Jill Hucklesby

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